About Us

GHANAVOTERS.COM is a website, developed, managed and powered by CONQUER IT. The website aims to provide five main services to all its visitors and users.

1. We provide a platform for all Ghanaians to sign up for their preferred political parties or candidates in order to increase their membership count, thereby promoting their political ideology.

2. We provide all registered and serious political parties and candidates in Ghana the opportunity to publish news about their activities, programmes, events, manifestos, etc. in order to carry their messages across the globe. We believe this provides a level playing field for all the political parties and candidates (big or small) who will like to take advantage of this offer to amass supporters from all angles of the country through effective web campaigning. We also believe that by congregating all the serious political parties and candidates on a single platform, Ghanaians will have the chance to easily compare and contrast all available manifestos, programmes, policies, proposals, etc. by all available political parties and candidates.

3. GHANAVOTERS.COM also provides one of the most vibrant web news platforms around the world. Visitors who visit our General News pages will attest to this fact.

4. In order to show our appreciation to the many people who visit our website, GHANAVOTERS.COM provides a major discussions platform where all registered members can share their piece of mind by opening or starting their own topics for general discussions with other members of the platform. Registered members can also share their thoughts through our comment system on all published news items and topics started by other members.

5. To measure people’s thoughts, opinions, views, perceptions, beliefs, judgements, feelings, awareness, observations, sensitivities, etc. about prominent national and international issues, GHANAVOTERS.COM runs a major polling platform dealing with all subjects and topics as they come.

What Ghanavoters.com does not provide is a platform for lawlessness.